At Jamboree, the most trusted name for test prep, we help you give shape to your career and dreams. Founded in 1993, Jamboree attempted to fill the information gap on higher education. Back then, the only information available on education abroad was through friends and family living or studying abroad. Thus, only a small percentage of interested students had access to information. Now when we in ‘Team Jamboree’ reflect on the past few years, we see thousands of our students on the thresholds of careers that would not have been possible without the right guidance at the right time.


Jamboree, known for its thorough research and professionalism, is a one-stop shop for higher education especially, education abroad. Jamboree makes the entire process of studying abroad, from preparing to join a foreign university, a smooth process. In recent years, the inclusion of several value-added services such as discounted couriers, educational loans, and pre-departure orientation has made Jamboree Education a one-stop solution for all your education requirements.


What distinguishes Jamboree from others, is its expertise in test preparation. Jamboree defines a narrow syllabus band and guarantees nothing beyond that syllabus would be asked in the exam. This has led to Jamboree students scoring some of the highest scores in the country including a 790 on GMAT, a 340 on GRE and 1570 on SAT.


Jamboree’s Admissions Counselling Cell was started in the year 2003 and since its inception, it has produced excellent results. Some of the top universities across the globe where we have been able to place students are Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, MIT, London Business School, Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Yale, Cornell, etc.


To ensure that students achieve success in their careers by giving them the best possible training and expertise on exams and counselling related to education abroad. In this process, Team Jamboree achieves a sense purpose and accomplishment.



To ‘Deliver More’ – always!


To demonstrate ‘Integrity’ in all our actions


To ‘Acknowledge and Appreciate’


To exhibit ‘Commitment’


To inculcate a culture of ‘Excellence’